I have been making photographs for over thirty years , from the time i first saw the black and white high contrast work of Bill Brandt in a magazine back then I was hooked . I am also  Influenced by Michael Kenna whom I had the pleasure of meeting at his exhibition in Runcorn Liverpool in 2013 . I shoot some photographs in Colour , if it works best for that particular photograph. But my main interest is black & white, for me it shows the structure of the image , with no distraction from colour . I am a firm believer of the print , to me its not a photograph until its a print big or small ! just think all the family photos that will be lost because they are on a digital format somewhere and can't be accessed for whatever reason. Paper is always readable !. I was enrolled as a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 2022 . I have been published in the USA Magazine Black& White several times , and i have judged for Ireland in some PSA international Photographic salons . With Gold and Silver Medals for Participating in International salons .